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  • 18th August 2014


    Well if there is an age-old health food that EVERYONE knows of, it would have to be almonds. Simple as they are, and as long as they have been around, they are still a favourite of so many and usually a regular in most peoples pantries. 

    For a healthy snack, you couldn’t really go wrong downing a small handful of these golden gems. Almonds have also made a resurgence due to the health boom we are experiencing at the moment! Everyone wants a cut of the nut…so to speak! And why not!? They are super high in antioxidants and vitamin E, which protects our cells from damage, and helps maintain your blood vessels and heart health. Almonds are gluten free and low on the GI scale, meaning they provide lasting energy throughout the day. 

    Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats….the good type and can help lower the risk of heart disease. Further to this, almonds are high in calcium, potassium and magnesium. 

    For anyone who has been into Nana's, you will know that almonds come in a huge variety! These range from tamari, raw, toasted, slivered, meal, cinnamon, get my point! Whilst they are all healthy, for those wanting the super healthy version, go for the dry roasted, or raw options. Yummo! 

    Whilst there are a heap of varieties, there is as many ways you can use almonds! As I have mentioned, eat them raw, use them in baking, meals, smoothies, breakfasts, in trail mixes and deserts. Heck, if you are keen, you can even make your milk out of them! A bit of effort, but tasty! So many reasons to have these always in your home! 

    Whilst we use almonds in a number of the ways mentioned, this week we thought we would make a yummy desert for you to try out. And let me tell you, from the reports we have got from our friends, and our tasting, it is YUM! Love it! So, head into Nana's, pick up some raw almonds and get cooking (well as much as you can ‘cook’ a raw desert!) Enjoy! 

    Raw Banoffee Pie 

    Base – 1 cup raw almonds 

    1 cup cashews 

    1 and a half cups soaked normal dates, or same quantity of un-soaked medjool dates 

    Quarter cup cacao nibs 

    Filling – 2 bananas 

    1 avocado 

    Quarter cup cacao 

    Half cup cacao nibs 

    Quarter cup maple syrup 

    1 cup peanut butter Wazz up the base ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor. 

    Press into a pie dish and put in the freezer. 

    Now, blend or process up the filling ingredients and poor into the base. Top with your favourite fruit if you choose to. Put back in the freezer, leave for a while then cut up and get into the goodness! 

    Banoffee Pie with Almonds

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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