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  • 22nd August 2014


    Well my friends, it has been a little while since I have sat down to write a Nana's Blog! Whilst I love doing them, life seems to have been so hectic lately. That is no excuse, but for some reason, my beloved Nana's correspondence has gone by the wayside! Well I am back Jack, and hopefully have some fresh content to bring y'all! I hope this finds you healthier, happier, wiser, more blessed and smiling more often than my last post. Life is good people, lets live it large! 

    This past weekend my family and I returned to Bundy and it truly was refreshing! Amongst a number of ventures I was really impressed by what is blossoming in my little old home town. We dropped into the shop, and as always it was buzzing with excitement, plenty of laughter and good times being had by staff and customers alike. It was great to see my old mate Lauren, the ever happy Lizzy and the girls in gelato. I truly love the shop and it warms my heart to drop in there. 

    Apart from Nana's, I also went to the new café Nourish for lunch with my friend. I have been following owner Judy’s progress since making friends with her as a customer of Nana's, and it is so so awesome to see her chasing her dream and creating a BEAUTIFUL, affordable, healthy and a SUPER yummy place to go hang out, get a good wholesome feed or coffee. Well done Judy! 

    We also ducked down to Burnett Heads and had a look at Sea Gypsy. This coastal retreat has a super cool vibe, great coffee and friendly staff…..a beautiful place to sit in the sun, relax and soak up some good vibes. 

    So, while this is a Nana's Pantry blog, the point of mentioning a couple of new, exciting local spots is this……as a small town and wellness community, it is super important that we support each other, spread the word and make sure that businesses like this flourish. 

    This all ties in perfectly with the ‘soon to happen launch’ of Nana's new project at The Windmill. I of course want you all to support Darryl and Leisa’s businesses as I believe in them, love them as friends and bosses’ and want to see them do well, but in the same way, want to see Bundaberg turn from being the ‘fattest city in Australia!’ to being one of transformation, health, wellness and glowing radiance from the inside out. This can be done through good food, supporting new businesses with a pure mission, making friends with like-minded people and spreading the love with those around us! 

    So after the weekend, I left Bundy feeling so positive at what is happening there. Nana's is making steps forward and I believe they are a real leader in the holistic changes taking place in town. However, a leader is directionless without support and followers. So from me and the Nana's team, thank you to Judy, the owners of Sea Gypsy, customers of Nana's Pantry, and already established businesses trying to make a difference in town, Rosie Blu, Indulge etc. Lets keep this mission of health going forward and be at the front of people’s minds for the right reasons not the wrong ones! Love on, eat plants and stay beautiful friends! See ya soon! 

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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