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  • 7th April 2014

    Baffle Milk 


    So, straight up, you are probably wondering why a vegan kid would be commenting and blogging about a dairy product. Well, it is an integral part of Nana's Pantry for one, and I have good people giving me advice on its taste, use and quality (Daryl the owner of Nana's and Lizzy the maker of your Gelato and Sorbet!). So, whilst I obviously have not tasted the product myself, I reckon these two know what they are talking about!  

    Baffle Milk is a family owned and run company from Baffle Creek, a small place about half an hour out of Bundy. At Nana's, we pride ourselves on sourcing as much local product as we can, and this is just another great example. This stuff is used across a wide variety of products in the store including coffee/teas that you purchase, milk drinks from the gelato area and of course the gelato itself…plus you can buy it fresh from our gelato fridge to take home and use as you will.  

    As a side point, Lizzy said to let y’all know that gelato is singular and gelati is plural! HA! Just to clear up the confusion. Nana's buys Baffle Milk in 40L drums and uses it as the base for our gelatos. During normal times we use about 80L per week and during school holidays about 120L per week. We have won a large number of awards at the QLD Food and Wine Show for both our gelati and sorbets. Check out the certificates hung on the wall next time you come to get your little treat. All the gelati and sorbet’s are made on site with local fruit and produce where ever possible. It all works beautifully with the Baffle Milk product. (Note- Sorbet is dairy free)  

    So, if you are looking to buy local and support the local farmers, come on in to Nana's and grab yourself a gelato, coffee, thick shake, or just get a 2L container of Baffle Milk to take home…I’ve been told you won’t be disappointed! 

    Subnote: One of the reasons Baffle milk is so popular is due to it being so rich and creamy. Unlike the milk you purchase at the supermarket, Baffle milk has not been standardised (separating the excess milk fat to produce butter etc.) - the guys at Baffle leave all that goodness in so that it tastes exactly how it should "au naturel".

    Baffle Creek Milk

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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