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  • 22nd September 2014

    Nana's Soup Mix 

    I know it is nearing the end of winter, but that doesn’t mean you can't get some more use out of your slow cooker and enjoy the tastes of the colder months!

    Here enters Nana's beautiful soup mix!

    When picking this ingredient up from the shop, and although I have looked at it a million times, I didn’t realise just HOW many items were in it! Get ready….here it is! Green and yellow split peas, chic peas, green and red lentils, broad beans, haricot beans, black eye beans, kidney beans and cannelloni beans! WO! What a beautiful array of legumes! 

    I have previously mentioned the health benefits of legumes but lets re-visit for those new comers (yep, they are all legumes, even though called ‘beans’, go figure)! Number 1 – fibre! The dietary kind is essential to keep our bowels moving and healthy and the soluble type is super important for cholesterol levels. This really is such an important nutrient that many in our Western culture are lacking in. Legumes are also a great clean source of carbohydrates and low GI so they will keep you going all day. 

    Apart from the all important fibre, legumes are also high in B vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorous, zinc and magnesium. They contain folate, antioxidants and pretty much no fat. Packed huh?! 

    An added extra to the good old fashioned legume is that they are high in protein, important for us all, but especially us vegans and vegetarians. Without the added fat of animal products they are a top choice. 

    So, I always keep a stock of legumes in our cupboard. For general preparation, you need to soak them overnight, and then boil them for a period of time, depending on the type. If using in a slow cooker though, I suggest soaking them over night and then cooking all day in the cooker with your other ingredients. Pretty much whatever you do to them, even eat them on their own, they are yummy! 

    For my recipe, it truly is a ‘know a basic idea and go with the flow’ style set up! I originally got the base recipe from my dad for a beef stew. I obviously don’t eat meat anymore, but have altered the ingredients to the new animal free version. 

    All ingredients are estimates and just go with what feels good! Get creative peeps and enjoy! 

    Vege Stew for the Crew (My Throw Ins) 

    STACKS of root vegetables. Carrots, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin. 

    Soaked Nana's Soup Mix 



    Rosemary and thyme 

    Salt and pepper

    A little chilli 

    Tin diced tomatoes 

    Vege stock 

    Stacks of water 

    Throw everything in a slow cooker at the start of the day. Turn on low and let that bad boy cook all day, stirring occasionally. ENJOY! 

    Nanas Soup Mix

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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