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  • 7th February 2014

    Nanas Peanut Paste (crunchy or smooth)

    Ok, this could be dangerous! For those who know me, would be aware that I may be a little addicted to peanut paste. Ok, I am, no shame! Now as most people would be aware, the versions that you get from most grocery stores are not the healthiest. They are loaded with sugar, preservatives and salt! Oh my gosh, the salt!

    This is again where Nana's sweeps down from above and saves the day! All of Nana's Peanut Paste is made fresh on premises and its ONLY ingredients are local (Kingaroy of course!), dry roasted peanuts! That’s right, NOTHING else! You can get it in small or large size and crunchy or smooth depending on your preference.

    Most people know that peanuts are high in protein (good for this vegan kid!). They are also rich in good fats and can be a good tool in reducing hunger as they make you feel fuller for longer. And lets face it, when ground up into a paste they just taste darn good!! Now, those of you who are considering changing over from your generic, mass-produced versions of peanut paste, be aware, the taste is different! It will take a little for your mind and taste buds to get used to it, but trust me, once you eat Nana's version for a while and then go back and try the generic stuff, it tastes terrible! Oh the salt!

    Another great benefit to Nana's Peanut Paste is the recycling. We sell it in glass jars and if you drop your empty one in (at our house we have two in rotation) it will get re-filled on a Tuesday and you will save yourself 50cents on the small jar and $1 on the large. WIN for you, the store and the environment!

    Right, how to use this stuff?! Well, I haven’t included a recipe this week as there are FAR too many ways to include it in your diet. My ABSOLUTE all time favourite combination is peanut paste and good quality dark chocolate….usually in a vegan baked dish…OMGosh, SO so good! Other ways you can use it are: on toast (my ‘go-to’ pre race breakfast is honey, peanut paste and banana on toast, mmmmm), in a smoothie (YUM), in a satay sauce, in baking or just straight out of the jar! They are all super tasty and because you know the only thing your consuming is dry roasted peanuts, you can do it relatively guilt free!

    Given the amount of allergies these days, it would be irresponsible of me not to mention to be careful where and when you use Nana's Peanut Paste. We don’t want to see any littlies get crook because of a nut reaction! Lastly, just try it! Trust me, once used to it, you will find it hard to say no to a little daily dose of the good stuff! Crunchy or smooth, give them both a crack, find your preference and NUT ON!

    Nanas Pantry Home Made Peanut Butter

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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