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  • 6th January 2014

    A New Year…

    Well friends, today I sit here on the 31st of December, 2013 and think about the year that was and the year that will be in 2014. Whilst you may not read this blog exactly on New Years, I hope you might still get a few gems from it!

    So, usually around this time, people like to look back, reflect, learn, laugh, cry and generally remember the year that was. I think this is a positive thing to do, not only for personal growth, but also so we can treat those around us better, love more, laugh often, get fitter and healthier, try new things, learn from mistakes made and generally become better people in our day to day lives. After all, if were not learning and trying to make each day better than the one before, life can become pretty ordinary! Along with reflections, toward the end of December people usually like to make resolutions for the year to come. Now I know full well that a lot of people get cynical about setting goals, dreams or aspirations that generally fade days, weeks or a month into the year…but maybe this year you can do things a little differently.

    While I have set myself some lofty life, running and health goals, I fully believe that these large aspirations are achieved in the daily, moment by moment decisions we make. Stay with me here…. Each day we make little decisions that affect the hour, day, week and essentially year ahead. We choose the chocolate over the the piece of fruit, we hit snooze on the alarm instead of going for a run, we decide to take the kids to the park instead of sitting in front of the TV or we choose to be nice to that grumpy person at the checkout at the supermarket instead of giving them attitude back.

    Every decision we make has the potential to set in motion the projection of our future. So, whilst I believe it is awesome to have some BIG goals for  20-14 (I know I do!), figure out ways you can do something daily to make those dreams a reality! Repetition of small, seemingly insignificant decisions in your day to day life has the potential to make this next year your best yet!

    Thank you all for the opportunity to share with you since starting at Nana's. I pray you all have a safe, loved, enjoyable, incredible, life changing 2014, and Ill see you in store in the New Year!

    Happy New Year

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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