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  • 30th June 2014



    Kids and eating healthy…..what a controversial, tough, challenging topic! Anyone with little ones knows food can be a stand off, straight out refusal or mission to keep up! We have experienced all of the above in our house.  

    As y'all probably know, I promote a plant based, vegan household. While at home everyone eats this way. However, when we go out everyone makes his or her own decisions. Naturally, being vegan 100% of the time, I try and steer my kids in that direction, however if they decided to eat that cake, biscuit or lolly at a party, that is their choice and one we openly talk about, usually when they are not feeling so well as a consequence of their decision! 

    The trigger for my writing this blog is this week, my four year old actively, with no prompting from anyone or any visual stimulus asked for a smoothie for lunch! To say that I was proud, happy and overwhelmingly stoked she is starting to make really good decisions of her own accord is an understatement!  I posted a photo of her drinking it on Instagram and Facebook which drew some interesting comments from ‘Well done’and ‘Awesome’, to ‘I wish I could get my kid to eat healthy’, ‘My kid would never want a smoothie’ and everything in between. This got me thinking, how did we end up in this place and Pria making this request?  

    One of the resolves I came to is that pretty much everything our kids do comes down to us as parents leading by example and what we show them is the ‘right’ way to live. Pretty much the whole time our kids have been alive, Tegan and I have been on a health journey, constantly aiming to improve what we fuel our bodies with. We are FAR from perfect, however are always trying to make better choices and provide clean fuel for our bodies when doing so much training. Even more importantly generally wanting to eat healthier for a long, blissful, beautiful life. This is a process… that I don’t think we ever reach perfection in, but we sure can aim for it!  

    Another point I came to is that, like everything in parenting, teaching your kids healthy eating habits takes effort! And a lot of it! I am first to admit that eating a good diet takes time and conscious decisions to prepare and plan good wholesome food for our loved ones! At times I have been as guilty as anyone, giving Pria store bought wedges for lunch instead of making her something good to eat. Most of the time though, Tegan and I try our best to put in the effort and prepare the kids something healthy. Take the time friends, put the effort in cause lets face it, our kids long-term health is at stake.  

    Lastly, don’t be afraid to challenge the norm! This past week, Tegan picked up Pria early from kindy and was able to see first hand the food the kids were eating. She went and had a chat to the centre coordinators about how terrible the food was that they were eating and how we thought they were to encourage healthy eating. Tegan’s concerns seemed to be passed off a little too easily until a couple of days later when an email was sent out to the whole centres database about the food parents are packing for their kids, healthy choices and how important what the kids eat are for their learning. Whilst we didn’t agree with everything they suggested as ‘healthy’ it was a small victory and one that we will keep pursuing! Stand by your convictions, don’t be afraid to speak up for what you believe in and make a difference to those around you!  

    So, whilst I’m not an expert in nutrition, I have read enough to know how to steer my kids in the right direction. I want to encourage, push and motivate you to start today! Start making decisions for your kids and yourselves that they will eventually start following and influence their lives forever in the positive. You have the power and responsibility to lead by example and change the world, one little life at a time! 

    Pria and her Smoothie

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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