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  • 12th May 2014

    Hemp Seeds 


    Disclaimer……Hemp Seeds are not permitted for human consumption in Australia or New Zealand. In saying this, I use them and think they are a great product.  

    The Australian Food Regulation Authority has acknowledged, Hemp Food:  - Are safe

    - Are not psychoactive in any consumable quantity 

    - Provide valuable nutrition that Australians need 

    - Contain less than the allowable level of THC (or none at all) 

    - Cannot make it easier for people to grow Marijuana (actually, growing Marijuana in amongst a Hemp crop would make the Marijuana less potent as a drug)

    - Cannot cause people to fail a drug test  

    For more information about the legalities and to help make hemp products legal as food visit  

    Ok, now that is all out of the way…..hemp….a potentially hot topic! To those who only know of marijuana and not of hemp they may think this product is just a sketchy way of using drugs….well lets dispel that straight up!  

    What exactly is hemp? To start with it is the most versatile plant known to humans! It looks like the marijuana plant (it is its cousin) however is a cultivated, industrialized, non-drug annual herbaceous plant. As stated above, Governing bodies have recognised that it is incredibly safe to consume and more importantly has great health benefits…I am a little confused how the WHOLE world has approved its consumption EXCEPT Australia and NZ (check the map at the above mentioned site!).  

    Hemp, is grown in Australia and can be used in SO many different ways. Some of these include making furniture, fabric, rope, paper, mylk, seeds, powder and oil. These are only a few! An incredibly versatile plant!  

    As stated, as well as its wide uses, it is also an amazing super food. Hemp products are high in Omega 3’s and 6’s, very high in protein (including all nine essential amino acids very close to the levels in animal foods), high in fibre, vitamin E and minerals like potassium, magnesium and iron. Hemp products can be gold for athletes, being one of the most nutrient-dense foods to support intense training…perfect for me!  

    Hemp has a mild, nutty flavour and can be purchased from Nana's in the seed, powder and oil varieties. It can be used in salads, baking and smoothies (my favourite). The possibilities are pretty endless!  

    This week, I thought I might whip up a super healthy, energy packed bite, ball type thing! YUM! These things taste AMAZING! I have tried a few variety of raw balls but these are by far the best! Easy to whip up and perfect for the kids lunches or snacks….even a quick breakfast! So friends, expand your mind, do some research into a product you mightn’t know a lot about and reap the benefits of this incredible product! 


    No-bake Chocolate Berry Hemp Bites 


    1 and a Half cups of pitted dates 

    1 cup raw almonds 

    Half cup hemp seeds divided 

    Half cup dried goji berries 

    Quarter cup raw cacao nibs 

    2 tablespoons 100% maple syrup 


    Pulse all ingredients accept a quarter cup of the hemp seeds in a food processor or high speed blender until they make a sticky meal…if too dry, add a couple more dates or maple syrup. Once done, roll the mixture into balls then roll in hemp seeds. Refrigerate (or put in the freezer as I like them!) and enjoy! 

    Pria Making Hemp Balls

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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