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  • 16th June 2014

    Red Lentils 


    Just from the outset I want to say that I love legumes! I don’t eat as many as I would like, but chickpeas and lentils are surely my most consumed! Red lentils are so versatile and a super hearty winter ingredient, now the temperatures are dropping a bit, in stews and soups. They are also a top additive to salads. They are super cheap, especially if you buy them in bulk from Nana's Pantry and keep for a long time in a air tight container in your pantry. Ready and waiting to be gobbled up!  

    Lentils are grown in pods and can be red, brown or green. If you buy the whole thing, they take a little more preparing, so the split version is generally easier to deal with. In this fast paced world we live in, convenience is always handy! If you do buy the whole thing though, and in my experience green lentils, it is always best to soak them overnight before cooking to ensure they’re not hard when you eat them. 

    Nutritionally, lentils contain a lot of cholesterol lowering fibre, something many of us are lacking in these days. Lentils are also great for those with high blood sugar as the fibre prevents sugars in food rising too quickly in your system. 

    Lentils also contain B-vitamins, protein and basically no fat…..they fill ya up and don’t make ya pack on any kilos! Win!  

    Lentils are a good way to get these important nutrients into kids too! By including them in some of the ways mentioned, they generally don’t even notice they are there and just inhale the dish before them. Everyone is happy!  

    This week I made up a recipe. Do some experimenting for yourself, give this meal to your kids, they will love it! Trust me!


    Lentil Spaghetti Bolognaise!

    I make mine completely plant based obviously…all you have to do is first cook your lentils (one cup of lentils to two cups of water). 

    Put these in a saucepan on the stove top and boil until almost all the water is gone. Once you have done this, make your usual spaghetti sauce. I use onion, garlic, Italian herbs, carrot, tomato paste, tinned tomatoes, a little chilli, mushrooms, the lentils….and whatever else you would put in a spaghetti sauce (minus the meat….go on, give it a go!) Boil up some wholemeal spaghetti, top with some nutritional yeast and get into it! It’s a great spin on a classic, super easy, really healthy and fills the belly! YUM! 

    Nanas Pantry Red Lentils

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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