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    Liz - Supervisor

    Liz - Supervisor

    Born (country/town)


    How long have you worked at Nana's Pantry?

    Started July 2012

    Favourite Nana's product

    What? You need to ask? Gelato of course


    Squash, Camping, Diving, Theatre, Reading or watching a good thriller.

    Favourite food

    What? Again? I need to pick one?
    Brussel Sprouts (hehehe)

    Favourite band/artist/song

    Do I what - I have lots

    Bruno Mars, Guy Sebastien, Country, Retro, Pop - I like it all.

    Star sign


    Favourite holiday destination

    Have just taken my Teardrop Camper outback for 3 weeks.
    But also love Perhentian Islands, Malaysia. Diving is fabulous.

    Goal for the future

    Do lot's more travelling discovering Australia

    Best book you have read or movie you have seen

    Best book is River God. Movies??... anything with Leonardo Di Caprio.

    Best advice you have received or favourite quote

    Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind.

    Who gave you this advice?

    Just saw it and thought it was

    Which famous person would you most like to have dinner with?

    Someone funny/interesting. Like Ellen of Ricky Gervais.
    But really I'd love to have my Grandma back. She made awesome Scottish style Fish & Chips.

    Any other interesting facts that you think we should know about?

    Am nearly always sing or whistling along with the music that's playing. My sister can find me in the supermarket easily.


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