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    Sue - Supervisor

    Sue - Supervisor

    Born (country/town)

    Geraldton W.A. Lived in Perth, Port Hedland, Darwin. I was the first born Aussie on both sides of the family. My parents emigrated in 1966.

    How long have you worked at Nana's Pantry?

    Started August 2010. Nana's can be plural - we already have four

    Favourite Nana's product

    I love,love Choc Mania Gelato, succulent sour cherries with chunks of Dark Chocolate, and the Coffee, oh the Coffee. What about the Butter Candy Macadamias, you have to try them.


    If I had to choose a hobby right now (because I don't have one) it would be Pencil Sketching. I like to read, that's my downtime. I have a keen interest in healthy eating, I believe it's criminal the things food manufacturers put into our food. Oh, did I mention the Organic Dairy Free Dark Premium Chocolate - it's another favourite we sell.

    Favourite food

    Indian. Love spices, love Chilli. We have all the spices you need to make your own delicious curries. I nearly forgot, try the locally made Caramel Fudge too - sooo good.

    Favourite band/artist/song

    Star sign

    Favourite holiday destination

    Married to a farmer, we don't get to go on holiday very often. So even a trip to Brisbane can be exciting. I hope to get to New Zealand one day with the family, touring in a campervan - stopping wherever we please, enjoying the great outdoors - that sounds great to me. I'd take a box of those healthy "Bounce Balls" with me.

    Goal for the future

    Best book you have read or movie you have seen

    The best book I have read is "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel. The true story of an investigative journalist with a legal background. He's an Atheist who cross examines a dozen experts and asks the questions a tough-minded skeptic would ask. It opened my eyes.

    Best advice you have received or favourite quote

    In light of my past experiences, my current circumstances and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?

    Who gave you this advice?

    Pastor Andy Stanley

    Which famous person would you most like to have dinner with?

    I would love to be sat at a table with Maggie Smith, Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren, Julie Walters, Judi Dench and my Mother. Oh, and I'm sure Gin Gin & Dry's Smoked Semi-Dried Tomatoes would go down a treat.

    Any other interesting facts that you think we should know about?

    Well you know I hate to gossip - but I'll tell you little secret about the staff at Nana's.

    Lauren - she has the best customer service I have ever encountered and that twinkle in her eye is the hint of a great sense of humour.

    Liz - or "Loud Lizzie" as I like to call her is very hard working, likes to sing (loudly) and I do think she's a little crazy (she talks to herself a lot) but we love her.

    Amanda - Elegant, Beautiful, loves her bling. Her cool exterior belies the wicked sense of humour she has - watch her!

    Vanessa - is very new to the shop and is just gorgeous, with an enormous smile, and happy chat all the time and earrings to rival Amanda's.

    Kaz & Erin - have also just joined Nana's. Kaz will greet you like an old friend. Erin is warm and everyone's friend.

    Rhea - she's the young gorgeous girl usually running from job to job (everyone's right hand). Rhea has a great attitude and loves life (occasionally we have to pull her aside and give her some "elder" advice. I'm sure she just thinks - what! I'm having way more fun than you are.

    Fay - lives in her office, works very hard, loves to chat and is genuinely interested in people's lives.

    We have a wonderful kaleidoscope of staff at Nana's with a common thread - we are all here to make your shopping more enjoyable. Oh and one more Nana's favourite, the Organic Figs, and the Dried Australian Bananas, they look disgusting but you have to try them - Yum!

    Be kind to one another and take care, Sue:)


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