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  • 1st September 2014


    Ok, lets start this off by saying if there EVER was a food with the coolest name, it would be this one! Freekeh (said Free-ka)! It just sounds cool, even if you don’t know what it is! 

    This product would be new to most of you and is also relatively new to the health world. Heck, it is new to me too but as you will find out, a winner on a number of levels! I had heard a lot about this grain recently, even seeing it getting a plug in the Courier Mail, but I hadn’t got a chance to try it, until now! I don’t know why I waited so long! YUM! More on that later…first, what on earth is it? 

    Well, as mentioned, freekeh is a grain…. to be more specific, roasted green wheat grain. Due to the grain being harvested young, it has much higher quantities of protein, minerals and vitamins, particularly calcium, iron and zinc. It is low GI (I have been getting a run of these items recently ), high in prebiotics, fibre and naturally low in fat. 

    Now, the most important factor, taste. It is a nutty, crunchy, yummy flavour. Really unique. We really liked it! It is very versatile and can be used much the same as a brown rice. You can use freekeh as a side dish, add it to soups or stews, stuffing’s, in vege burgers or even ground into flour. 

    Unfortunately, freekeh can not be bought in bulk at Nana's. It can however be bought in a nice sized, pre-packed box. I think there is a perfect amount in there for a first time try, and to whet your appetite for more. 

    I wasn’t sure what to do with this product, so a searching I went. Through my travels, I stumbled across a salad incorporating freekeh. But let me tell you, this is not any old salad, it’s a rip roarer! OMGosh, Tegan, Pria and I all LOVED it so much! I strongly suggest you grab some freekeh ( plus the other ingredients listed you can get from Nana's ) the other goodies and give this new favourite of ours a crack! Freekeh…..YUMMO! 

    Roast Vegetable and Freekeh Salad 

    Half cup freekeh, rinsed 

    1 and a half cups vege stock Quarter cup olive or coconut oil 

    Salt and pepper 

    1 tbsp cumin seeds 

    1 cup mushrooms roughly chopped 

    3 medium carrots chopped 

    Half large cauliflower cut into bite sized florets 

    1 large parsnip chopped 

    2 capsicums chopped 

    Half cup coriander 

    Half cup mint 

    10 pipped olives 

    2 tbsps tahini 

    Juice of 1 lemon 


    Heat oven to 180deg. 

    Throw all your chopped veges in a roasting pan with the cumin, salt, pepper and oil. Mix up then roast for 30-45min, depending on how you like your veges.

    Put freekeh in a medium sized saucepan and toast for a short time. Add the stock, stir well and turn up to a high heat. Throw the lid on, let the bad boy boil then turn back to medium heat and let boil for 15-20min. Once cooked (should be soft to bite) take off the heat. 

    Add the tahini and lemon juice to the freekeh and stir through. Then add the veges and stir through. Mix through the coriander, mint and olives. Warm a little then get into the goodness! 

    Roast Vegetable And Freekeh Salad

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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