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  • 11th November 2013

    Welcome to our very first blog for Nana’s Pantry.

    Today will be an introduction for anybody who hasn’t managed to visit our store or purchase any of our many wonderful products.

    So in the interests of keeping it brief and hopefully interesting here we go.

    Foremost I would like to let you in on our philosophy at Nana’s

    “We strive to make our customers shopping experience as enjoyable and pleasant as possible” with our slogan being “Finest Quality Bulk Foods” 

    We are extremely passionate about all the products we stock in store.

    This means when you visit our store you will be welcomed, made to feel relaxed and definitely no pushy hard sell sales tactics – quite frankly we are more than happy for you to come into our store and just browse.

    The advantage of shopping at our store on top of the fact you will be purchasing the best quality at affordable prices is the benefit of only purchasing the amount of product you require. Whether you live by yourself and don’t need to buy that 750gr packet of Cashews or you have found a recipe that you really want to try but don’t want to chance buying that jar of spice which you may not use again.

    We see this happening in particular at Christmas time where all our customers bring in their Christmas cake recipes and weigh all their Dried Fruit, Nuts, Flour and Spices so there are no wasteful leftovers – lets face it Christmas cakes are expensive enough to make without paying for extras which you may not use.

    We put a lot of time and energy into employing only the people we consider can offer the best customer service. We don’t dwell over resumes, our only pre-requisite is that our staff have bright, bubbly personalities and have a love of food. We are extremely proud of all our staff, they are our greatest investment for they are the face of Nana’s Pantry. 

    We are a small family owned and operated business in Bundaberg Queensland with a second store in Hervey Bay Queensland. We would like to think we know our stuff by now having opened Bundaberg in 2003 and Hervey Bay in 2006.

    From the outset we noticed we were getting a lot of customers shopping with us after moving interstate from Sydney or Melbourne and telling us how difficult it was to source products they were used to finding in the cities. Since then we have put a lot of effort into finding some of those products that had previously been unavailable in the regional townships. We can’t see why we should miss out on some of those interesting products that our cousins in the city take for granted – and I think we have gone one step further and have some pretty amazing products that you may struggle to source in the cities.

    We predominantly like to focus on the more healthy alternatives available but also realise that even the most disciplined of us still like to spoil ourselves with a little treat occasionally, everything in moderation is our catchcry. And with a plethora of Health Food shops out there we wanted to be a little different and focus on wholefoods rather than supplements.

    Now one thing I would like to explain which we didn’t realise when we started this great little business is that for virtually every product there are different grades. When we order we will always source locally if possible, we all need to help each other in our community. If we can’t find it locally then as long as it’s Australian that’s our next preference. Lastly if we can’t get it in Australia we will source it from overseas. Some products like Cashews just aren’t grown in enough volume to supply our market in Australia. To our knowledge there is only one farm in Australia growing Cashews, nearly all Cashews on the Australian market are sourced from Vietnam.

    When we source our products we only stock the highest grade available. This sometimes means we can’t compete on price with the supermarket giants but we’re convinced our products are superior in quality. Overall though I believe you will find our pricing is more than competitive and with better quality to boot.

    I can relate one example that occurred in our Hervey Bay store about 5 years ago where a customer commented that our Chocolate coated Peanuts and Sultanas didn’t taste any better than those found in the $2 shops. Well I was quite devastated but immediately rang our supplier asking if we had another option. They replied we did but the price was double – our old product was coated in compound chocolate the new product was coated in real chocolate. So ever since we have stocked the more expensive Chocolate coated Peanuts and Sultanas with no more complaints either. I believe it’s false economy purchasing an inferior product, to me it just doesn’t make sense – a bit like buying fruit that has no taste, you are better spending a little more and enjoying the experience. 

    Now we can keep our prices down due to us buying our products in bulk ie. 10kg boxes or 25kg bags with no excess packaging or labelling. We are ruthless when it comes to stock rotation, when our orders arrive every box is dated and as our bins need filling our oldest stock goes in first. Our orders arrive on a majority every week therefore maintaining freshness to its optimum.

    Once a week I will endeavour to write some interesting information on one of the products we feature in our store. This may be health benefits or cooking tips but I will also listen to any requests you may have or would like to know more on.

    Now I will state upfront that I am not a qualified nutritionist, basically I will do the hard work to find all the interesting facts I can on the product reviewed and only supply you information from reliable sources.

    Please feel free to let us know of any suggestions or recommendations you may have to improve any facet of our business.

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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