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  • 27th January 2014

    Yogi Chai

    First up, I have to say that I am generally not a ‘tea’ drinker. The extent of my tea inhalation extends to a cup of black with a little soy milk and a spoonful of honey at night. Due to this fact, I may not be the best qualified to comment on Yogi Chai, but I will give it a crack!

    Given that tea is the most consumed beverage in the WORLD (that’s right, the WORLD….after water that is) there has to be some merit in drinking a cup of natures leaves every now and then! There are many different blends of Chai available, of which Nanas stocks a few. The Yogi Chai is a fine spice blend made according to an old Indian recipe. Flavoured with cinnamon, hawthorn petals, ginger bits, cloves, black pepper and cardamom.

    Tea in general has been proven time and time again to offer numerous health benefits. Chai boasts the potential to improve digestion, enhance the immune system, fight inflammation and is rich in antioxidants. A doctor on the well regarded Mind Body Green website has even said that if he were stranded and could only have one drink it would be Chai! Probably the Nanas version I reckon!

    So, how to best consume this version of Nanas Chai? Well, if you come in store and purchase some of the beautiful smelling tea, you can also get a recipe to take home on how to brew it up. We did this and although it was not my ‘cup of tea’ (sorry, had to throw it in there somewhere) it smelt beautiful and I understand why people can get hooked on this lovely warm or cold drink.

    Lastly, tea is relatively inexpensive. This, combined with all the above benefits, makes it something worth trying and including in your day if the taste tickles your fancy! Bottoms up tea lovers!

    Nanas Yogi Chai Tea

    1 ltr water

    11g Nanas Yogi Chai Tea

    6g good black tea (from Nanas of course)

    Boil Yogi Chai Tea in approximately 1 litre of water for about 30min. 

    Then add the black tea and let stand for about five minutes. Tea 

    can then be consumed hot or put in the fridge and enjoyed cold. 

    Yogi Chai Tea

    Matt Grills


    Matt Grills

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