Black Label

Opening with the pleasant aroma of pipe tobacco and intensely sweet, chocolate-y aromatics, this coffee has a medium to full-bodied mouth-feel with a distinct dark cocoa opening flavour finishing with the undertone of molasses, citrus and black tea.

These characteristics are beautifully complimented by an emerging sweetness when paired with milk although it is excellent black of course. The secret to this blend's success is that all bases are covered. With a full-bodied, Colombian-based espresso roast as its foundation, we then post-blend it with 3 lighter-roasted origin beans making for the perfect combination of full-bodied yet delicate, strong yet not at all bitter and intensely pleasing and sweet.


Product Info 

Roast Level: Medium
Undertone: Dark chocolate, Molasses, Black tea
Body: Medium-Full
Origins: Colombia, Brazil, India, Sumatra, Ethiopia
Brewing Method: Espresso
Peak Flavour: 3-21 days after roast date
Strength: 8
Tasting Notes: Our most-popular blend w/ milk ever!


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