Decaf Coffee Beans

How do you justify having many cups of coffee a day without copping a severe caffeine penalty? The answer lies in grabbing some high-quality decaf coffee beans as well as your normal choices. When you buy high-quality decaf beans you won't believe how much like it tastes like 'real coffee'.

Using the Swiss Water Processing method, these decaf coffee beans from Colombia have a mild citric acidity paired with notes of dark chocolate and a medium to light body. Wondering if decaf can taste as good as the real thing? Well, it's a very tough ask but these beans come about as close as decaf possibly can! For anyone who finds that caffeine doesn't agree with them, this is the coffee to buy.

The Swiss Water method of caffeine removal involves bathing the green beans in water that is highly saturated with the main flavour compounds of coffee. This situation sets up an osmosis reaction where only the caffeine content is removed from the green beans, leaving all of the flavour compounds still in the green beans! 

The result? Every bit of flavour is retained while almost all caffeine molecules are removed. Pure genius.

Buying some decaf coffee beans = guilt-free cups of coffee all day.


Product Info

Roast Level: Medium
Acidity: Bright Citric fruits
Body: Medium-light
Origin: Colombia
Brewing method: Espresso, Filter
Peak Flavour: 7-33 days after roast date
Strength: 5
Tasting Notes: Citrus, Dark Chocolate


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